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Susan Peach
This is me today, smiling because my kids are now all grown up and sleeping through the night!
"Exercising to music and moving rhythmically with baby in-arms or snuggled in a baby sling enhances infant development, promotes mother-infant attachment, and increases quality time spent together." - Dr. Sears
"This started off as an exercise class where I didn't have to worry about getting a baby sitter. It became a must do weekly activity - we danced, cuddled and had fun. Do this in front of a mirror. You'll love the responses from your baby."
- Janis Chung, class participant
"I received my order of the Mambo Moms DVD.  First off, I have to thank you for coming up with this fantastic concept! My 4-month old son is often asleep by the end of the first dance!!!  I'm already feeling a difference in how my old jeans fit (yep, I can zip them up painlessly!!!) I'm happy to be finally be mambo-ing my baby weight away.  Thanks again!"
- Stephanie Marcello
Mambo Moms DVD Cover
"I am thrilled to be able to get some exercise without separating from my baby. I wish this kind of exercise program had been available when I had my older children! This is a fun way to get back in shape after having a baby--fun for both me and my son.  We both like the music--I get a workout, and he goes to sleep. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to be with their baby while exercising!"
- Kristin Marshall, participant
Cheryl & Ava
This is Cheryl, one of the real moms that you'll see on the DVD, along with her daughter Ava.
"I wanted to thank you and your group of young mothers who made Mambo Moms. It is a wealth of usable material for mothers & grandmothers. Mambo Moms is now my gift of choice for baby showers for all my daughters' friends who are giving birth. It is lightweight to mail for those who have moved half way around the globe, easy to wrap for those who haven't, and it is new and unique, unlike one more receiving blanket when you've just opened 20! It is such a conversation piece and a great thing to put on the DVD player for the shower guests while they are eating their cake!"
- Carollyne Banner, Grandmother

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(unsolicited & very funny!)
"Thank you ever so much. You are very kind and a wonderful joy to do business with. I wish other merchants would learn from you."
- Kay Silva
"I LOVE this DVD and so does my 12 month old daughter. We've been dancing to it since she was 7 months old. I sure wish there was a sequel. I'm buying this new copy for a friend's shower. I also want you to know that I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I couldn't have done it without your video. I even plan on using it after June (my daughter) no longer fits into her carrier because she loves to see the other babies, we love the music and the dancing is so much fun. My husband even sings along from the other room. Thanks so much for creating this wonderful way for a new mom and her baby to bond and exercise!"
- Jan Eagan
How I Lost 40 pounds of baby weight in 6 months....twice!

If you're a new mom you're probably looking for a way to get some exercise so you can start losing the baby weight and fit back into your pre-pregnancy clothes. But with a new baby to care for life can seem pretty overwhelming, never mind trying to fit a workout into your day!

Even if you do have time to go to the gym that probably means leaving your baby in the child minding room, if you're lucky enough to belong to a gym that offers this service. And if you have older children as well, child minding can get expensive, especially for a young family.

Postnatal fitness classes are usually offered at your local recreation center. But again, scheduling and child care for older children can be a hassle, plus the fact that for most of these classes, your infant is expected to nap or sit quietly in a car seat for the duration of the class.

Of course, you can always get out for walks with your baby, which is something I highly recommend. After all, it's easy, free and it's a great way to get some fresh air and regain your sanity! But if you live in a climate that's very hot or very cold for part of the year, walking isn't always an option.

There must be a better way to get some exercise, spend quality time with your baby, and work out when it's convenient for you and your baby! Well, now there is.......

Welcome to Mambo Moms!

My name is Susan Peach and I've been involved in the fitness industry for over 25 years, since 1983. I had my first son, Brian, in 1986, and my second, Josiah, in 1988. Both of my sons were what Dr. Sears calls "high need babies" and I spent countless hours nursing, rocking and soothing them as best I could. They slept very little and were often fussy and hard to settle, especially in the early months. I was exhausted more often than not, and to be honest the last thing on my mind was exercise.

They say every cloud has a silver lining though, and I suppose my fussy babies were mine. You see, I've always loved to dance. It doesn't matter what the music, I just can't help moving! And it didn't take too many colicky evenings for me to discover that babies also love music and dancing. Whether it was disco, swing, or a children's lullaby tape, my babies always loved it when I scooped them up and danced around to the beat.

When all else failed, dancing to music helped the fussiness melt away, encouraged an overtired infant to slip peacefully off to sleep, and even managed to soothe small hurts and "boo boos." I also shared many giggles and good times dancing with my babies, especially as they got a bit older and could really let me know what they liked best!

Because my babies were calmer and more contented when they were dancing, I was more relaxed and less stressed out too. And, a great side effect of all that "baby dancing" was that I found myself quickly and effortless losing the extra baby weight I'd gained in pregnancy.

Of course it helped that I tried to eat healthy, nutritious foods (well, most of the time!) and that I was breastfeeding my babies. But experts tell us that for the healthiest and most permanent weight loss, we need to get regular physical exercise. Guess what? Even though I sure didn't have time for what I thought of as exercise (going to aerobics classes, running or lifting weights), I was able to easily drop the 40+ pounds I'd gained during each of my pregnancies within 6 months. All thanks to my fussy babies who loved to dance!

Several years later when my boys were a bit older, I was introduced to Latin dancing, which I loved. After a couple of years I began teaching Salsa and other Latin dances. Then I was asked to teach a dance-based fitness class. Since I loved Latin music, I decided to call it Latin Fitness. One day a new mom called me to ask if it would be OK if she brought her 3 month old infant to class with her, and the idea for Mambo Moms was born!

I designed the Mambo Moms class, and the DVD, to help you lose the baby weight too. Mambo Moms provides a safe, gentle, self-paced workout that takes into account the special needs of new moms and their babies. All of the dances can be done with your baby in your arms or in a baby carrier. There are no complicated arm movements, and no jumping jacks or other high impact moves.

Instead, you and your baby will follow along to simple, easy to learn Latin dance patterns that are so much fun you'll hardly feel like you're exercising! Now there's no need to wait until baby is sleeping, or leave her with a sitter while you take a fitness break. Just imagine how good you'll feel being able to get some exercise while you spend quality play time with your baby.

Remember that with the DVD format you can rest or take a break whenever you want. Choose only your favourite dances, skip to the floor exercises if you like, or just enjoy a nice stretch. You can follow along with the entire workout from start to finish, or you can choose any one or a combination of the segments that you and your baby most enjoy.

The dance steps are simple and fun to do, and I even provide a teaching segment so you can learn the steps separately if you have trouble with any of the dances.

As well, there's a bonus dance that's a bit more challenging if you and your baby are ready for more, or if you'd just like to try something a bit different. And just for fun, I've also included lots of hilarious out takes so you can have some extra laughs at my expense. After all, some days you need all the encouragement you can get!

I've also included a floor exercise section to help you regain muscle tone and build strength. All of these exercises are designed to be done right along with your baby, just like the dances. With names like "baby presses," "peek-a-boos," and "kiss ups," your baby will love them as much as you! And finally, we'll finish up with a relaxing stretch that your baby can help you with too, if she's still awake.

With Mambo Moms, you and your baby will be able to spend quality time together while you're busy losing baby weight with these fun dances and exercises. I think you'll find that you and your baby will both be more relaxed as a result.

As well, you'll be encouraging in your baby a love of music, dance and rhythm, which may prove invaluable later on (think high school prom!). But one of the best things about Mambo Moms is that as your baby grows bigger and heavier, you'll get even stronger and fitter by continuing to dance and exercise with him as he grows.

Losing the baby weight has never been easier!

Something else I know you'll love about this DVD is that I filmed it with real moms and babies from my classes. I know it can be intimidating for anyone to watch super fit superstars sweat their stuff for the camera, let alone for new moms who are just starting to get back in shape. But don't worry, none of the moms in this DVD is a professional actor or dancer, they're just real moms with real babies who enjoy having fun and exercising together to some great Latin music!

I know that Mambo Moms will help you lose baby weight and get back in shape the fun way. And I know that you and your baby will both love this program. Just have a look at all the testimonials in the side bar from satisfied moms and babies.

But just in case you're still hesitant to give it a try, I'm going to make it super easy for you to say "yes" to a fitter, slimmer, stress-free YOU, and a happy, contented baby.

Ordering is easy because your copy of Mambo Moms comes with a 100% money back guarantee. I'm that confident that you and your baby will love Mambo Moms! 

This is my simple, no strings guarantee: If for any reason you're not thrilled with your purchase, just send it back to me along with your receipt within 90 days and I'll happily send you a speedy refund (less shipping costs). That's right, take a full 3 months to try out this program with your baby and see for yourself how much fun you'll both have getting back in shape. If you don't absolutely love it, for any reason at all, just send it back within 90 days for an immediate refund. So what have you got to lose by giving it a try? (except maybe a few extra pounds and some stress!)

I hope you'll join me and the rest of the Mambo Moms as we dance, cuddle and laugh our way back into shape right along with our babies. Come join us and discover how to lose baby weight the fun way. Thanks for visiting, and happy dancing!


Susan Peach

P.S. You CAN start losing baby weight the fun way, without giving up quality time with your baby! Order your Mambo Moms DVD today for just $24.95 (plus shipping).

P.P.S. Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED. If for any reason you or your baby don't love the Mambo Moms DVD, just return it to me anytime within the first 90 days along with your receipt and I will cheerfully refund your full purchase price (less shipping).

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